Sky Plast

Bicomponent rubber in insulating, mouldable, self-extinguishing paste with high dielectric characteristics.

Sky Plast is a technical innovation for covering, protecting, insulating, finishing and fireproofing any electrical or non-electrical components. Once the two components have been blended in a 1:1 ratio until uniform (max 2 minutes), it cross links at room temperature in less than 5 minutes. Sky Plast quickly transforms into a layer of rubber with high dielectric and self extinguishing properties.

  • Mouldable, non-toxic and safe paste
  • Low smoke and toxic and corrosive gases emission
  • Able to replace taping, heat-shrinking, resin finishes
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Quickly ready for use

Dielectric strength: > 23 kV/mm

Degree of protection: IP68 (in proper casings)

Sky Plast

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Refer Catalogue Page: 94

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