OHUG are a trusted supplier of 3M Products, from electrical tapes to personal safety products to specialised line equipment.


The 3M Electrical Markets Division designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications. Widely recognised for their innovation, quality, reliability, and global corporate strength, 3M has the products and services you need and the name you trust.

In the electrical industry power, technology, and reliability are essential. 3M delivers that and more. 3M have the power of a diversified, global manufacturer; a reputation for technical excellence and innovation; and employees committed to delivering quality products and services to you. 3M's goal is to satisfy your needs through the provision of exceptional products, expertise, and quality & service excellence.

3M's global technology manufacturing and knowledge network allows them to provide superior design, expertise, widespread support, and a continuously evolving range of electrical solutions. 3M design and manufacture a comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications. 3M offers customised solutions in a number of areas, as 3M recognises there are many projects and applications requiring a customized solution to meet customer specific needs.

Within the Electrical Markets Division this method of working has not only led to the development of the first ever vinyl insulation tape, but also to the conception of 3M™ Cold Shrink more than 30 years ago. 3M Cold Shrink technology has been found to be a safer, more reliable, and easier to install solution for medium and high voltage jointing and terminating versus conventional heat shrink alternatives. It is a preferred solution of power utilities, private power network operators and electrical specifiers globally.

3M strives to be the chosen supplier because of its innovative and efficient products combined with its commitment to service and support for your business.