We carry thousands of overhead and underground electrical products from the best suppliers around the world.

Cable Accessories

If reliability and efficient performance is what matters, then put your trust in 3M™ Cable Accessories to meet your day to day electrical requirements. 3M™'s Cable Accessories range includes the must-have essentials that every electrician needs with their toolkit.

Cable Clamps & Cleats

Ellis Patents’ range of cable clamps and cleats is like no other in the world. Superior in-house design, expert engineering and extensive testing means they have the reputation as industry experts and global leaders. Try out the Cleat Calculator here.

Cable Joint Kits - Gel, Rubber, & Resin

Gel and Rubber Joint Kits are easy to use for a variety of applications. 3M Scotchcast Resin and Cable Joint Kits offer a range of jointing options.

Cable Locators & Accessories

3M™Dynatel Pipe / Cable / Fault / EMS locators represent an advancement in locating technology for the field professional. It allows users to locate 3M™ EMS Marker Balls, Tape and Rope, along with cables, pipes and ability to read/write to 3M™ iD Markers. It can be used for locating earth faults.


Easy to use, a great alternative to heatshrink for ease of installation - no naked flame with constant radial pressure for the ultimate moisture seal.

Coldshrink Joints & Terminations 11kV - 33kV

3M invented cold shrink over fifty years ago, and continue to be world leaders in this technology. With millions of installations world wide, in service for decades; you can count on 3M.

Compression Lugs & Links

OHUG supply a wide range of high-quality tinned copper lugs and links connectors (OLUGS and OLINKS) with sizes ranging from 1.5mm² to 1200mm² as well as copper, aluminium, bi-metal lugs and links and line taps.

Connectors, Terminal Blocks, & 3M Scotchlok

3M's Scotchlok IDC (insulation displacement connector) products have a reputable name in the industry - their UR2, UY2, and 314 Connectors are a staple in your toolkit. No wire stripping required, the connector provides a moisture resistant seal. Easy to use, each Scotchlok saves time: just insert the cable & crimp the connector into place.

RayTech's new RayBlock series are a fast, fun favourite - build your own custom connection solution with their modular terminal blocks. Just like LEGO, the possibilities are plenty! To use, simply strip your cable, lift the lever, insert the conductor, then lock the lever back into place.

Earthing Safety Equipment

Universal Earthing and Short-Circuiting devices for a wide range of distribution boards and fuse carrier types including DIN-type fuse holders’ size 00 up to 0-4a. Insulated systems and unique cable end 360 degree locking system to fit in confined spaces.

Electrical Tapes

3M™ invented PVC tape and today offer durable, reliable tapes for the most challenging environments.

Electrical Testing Devices

Tietzsch voltage testers and testing devices - trust in safety, quality and 60 years of experience made in Germany.

Fall Protection Equipment

Providing a safe and secure product solution for your employees who work at height with 3M™ Fall Protection.

Fire Protection Products

3M™ is the industry leader in passive firestopping. Dedicated to stringent testing and code compliance making buildings safer today for tomorrow. All our solutions are accessible via FPANZ Register.

Gel Boxes & Enclosures

Gel pre-filled boxes in various sizes suitable for any kind of connector.

Gels, Rubbers, & Resins

Insulate and seal with bi-component gels, rubbers, and resins for filling enclosures and joints.

3M Resins are recommended by 3M for 3M Scotchcast Kits - from standard to flame-retardant options.

Heating Cables

Explore RayTech’s Anti-Freeze for ramps, pipes and gutters. Stay warm with RayTech Comfort House underfloor and ceiling heating options, and keep things clear with Easy Mirror anti-fog heating sheets.


LS heatshrink and molded parts are flame retardant as standard across the entire range.

Intercable Cable Stripping Tools

Stripping tools for all applications for internal and primary insulation, semi-conductor, LV and MV cables including jointers tool kits designed for New Zealand jointers.

Intercable Cutting & Crimping Tools

Hydraulic and mechanical cutting and crimping tools, including crimping dies.

Intercable Insulated Tools

For a total range of insulated hand tools, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, modular insulated tools and tool cases.

Overhead Conductors

3M™ ACCR’s secret is the unique material used in its care. The core is stranded from all metal composite wires of high purity aluminium reinforced with alumina fibres. The outer current carrying wires are a hardened aluminium zirconium alloy. Compared to the same dia steel core conductor ACCR has the same strength, less weight and less sag at high loads.

Personal Safety Products (PPE)

3M™ are experts in helping keep your environment safe in an ever-changing world. From safety glasses, helmets and face masks to hearing protection, reflective tape and safety harnesses, we share your goal of keeping people safe. Development of personal protective equipment (PPE) based on decades of industry experience and knowledge of industry standards.

Shearbolts & Mechanical Connectors

ARCUS Electrotechnik have been supplying the highest quality mechanical lugs and connectors to the world since 1928.

Solar Power

Everything under the Sun: from photovoltaic stripping tool sets from Intercable, to Power Hubs and Solar Skids from Commodore Power.

Switchgear, Line Hardware, Insulators

High-quality Overhead products by high-quality brands - NOJA Power, Siemens, ARP, and OHUG.

Wind Power

Don't let kinetic energy blow you away - harness the power of your wind turbines with Commodore's Power Hub!