Advanced Rubber Products

Advanced Rubber Products

With expert rubber injection molding capabilities and engineering services, Advanced Rubber Products are a leading manufacturer of molded polymer insulators.


Advanced Rubber Products are a leading manufacturer of molded polymer insulators.

As the electrical power industry moves further away from ceramic and glass components, ARP is at the forefront of the industry’s shift. ARP excel in professional partnerships with electrical distribution component OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) looking to adopt polymer components and insulators to their apparatus product lines. ARP is able to take your electrical utility project from design, to development and manufacturing, to your final lab testings and approval. They have experience in a wide array of power components and possess thorough expertise with polymer surge arrester housings, overhead switches, recloser bushings and circuit breaker bushings for above ground apparatus applications.

Advanced Rubber Products also has extensive knowledge in moulding underground distribution components such as separable elbows, dead break elbows and multi-taps. ARP’s human resources background in the electrical utility industry adds a proven implementation advantage when partnering with OEM engineering teams.

As the costs of traditional energy sources rise, the technological development and innovation of cleaner, alternative sources of power like wind, solar and water rapidly grows. Injection rubber moulded products are an integral component to the growth of green energy. Advanced Rubber Products is capable of manufacturing any sort of rubber component for alternate forms of power. ARP provides several types of aboveground electrical insulator requirements for the evolving clean energy initiative. Some of ARP’s standard alternative power products include high polymer line posts, transmission suspensions, silicone pin-type and polymer dead end insulators.

Advanced Rubber Products strives to be a non-traditional, custom rubber injection moulding company where every plant engineer and staff member is unafraid of risk. ARP recognizes and rewards team members for taking responsibility for past, current and future manufacturing. As an ISO certified rubber and polymer manufacturer, ARP allows decisions to be made at the heart of every issue and empowers employees to grow with accountability.