RayBlock Lever Connectors

Another fabulous RayTech product hits the shelves at OHUG - introducing RayBlock Connectors!

Designed to make your life easier, these connectors are modular, composable, ultra-fast to install, and manufactured from self-extinguishing materials.

If you've built with LEGO, you can build with RayBlock. These fun blocks slot into each other with a click!, making terminal connections simple & customisable. Clip them together in any inline formation, then place the completed joint & cables into your enclosure of choice - check out RayTech's pre-filled gel boxes & enclosures here!

Range: 0.5-4mm²
Max Voltage: 600V
Max Capacity: 32A
Operating temperature: up to 105°C (short term)

RayBlock Installation:

1) Strip the cable to reveal 11mm of conductor
2) Lift the lever on the RayBlock
3) Insert the exposed conductor
4) Push down the lever on the RayBlock, securing the conductor!

RayBlock Lever Connectors

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