Magic Power Gel

The unique bi-component gel in a single bottle, with superior dielectric, sealing and thermal characteristics, re-enterable and re-usable.

  • Very sticky
  • Strong self amalgamating characteristics
  • Single compact bottle; convenient twin compartment
  • Re-usable as well as re-enterable, even after long working periods
  • Non toxic and safe

Gel: UL 94-HB

Degree of protection: IP68 (in proper casings)

Operating Temp: -60°C / +200°C

Overload temperature for short periods: up to 250°C

Stabilised for: mould - UV

Volume resistivity: >2 . 10¹⁵ Ω cm

Cross linking time: fast (about 15 min. at 25°C)

Dielectric strength: >23 kV/mm: UL 94-HB

Magic Power Gel

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Refer Catalogue Page: 84 - 85

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