Magic Fluid

Bicomponent gel with very high dielectric and thermal characteristics, ideal for connection systems (joint shells or enclosures) for power cables.

Magic fluid ensure an IP68 level of protection when installed in suitable casings, and is able to replace all types of resins. This is a self polymer insulation in two practical bottles or a single use bag, with cross linking occurring in less than 10 minutes. Completely non-toxic, and an unlimited shelf life, combined with no thermal stress while cross linking make this an ideal alternative to traditional resins.

  • For high temperature applications!
  • Quick cross linking (only 10 minutes)
  • Re-enterable also after long working periods
  • Non-toxic and safe with no shelf life
  • Low viscosity

Gel: UL 94-HB

Dielectric strength: 23 kV/mm

Cross linking time: fast (about 10 min. at 23°C)

Volume resistivity: >2 . 1015 Ω cm

Working temperature: -60°C / +200°C

Overload temperature for short periods: up to 250°C

Stabilised for: mould - UV

Degree of protection: IP68 (in proper casings)

Magic Fluid
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Refer Catalogue Page: 86 - 87

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