Stop Ice Plus

Constant power anti-freeze kit complete with thermostat, connection plug and insulation tape.

Stop Ice Plus is an innovative kit which combines the flexibility and reliability of the constant power Stop Ice heating cable with the practicality of the LINUS insulation tape. The installer can find everything necessary for tracking inside this kit:

Technical Specifications (Cable):

  • Specific power: 12 W/m
  • Power supply: 230 V- 50Hz
  • Cold cable: 3 x 0,75 mm² (L = 1.5m)
  • Temperature control: integrated bimetallic thermostat
  • ON / OFF: +3°C / +10°C

Technical Specifications (LINUS Tape):

  • Temperature range: -50 / +105°C
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ): 0.039 W/mK at 50°C
Stop Ice Plus

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