Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234 has a tough abrasion-resistant backing for jacket repair on industrial cables, such as flexible portable power cables, draglines, diesel locomotive cable, welding and shipboard cables. Due to abrasive dragging and reeling of these flexible cables, the original jacketing gets damaged often and needs to be repaired. Scotch Tape 2234 is flexible, and the self-healing property of the mastic helps keep out moisture.

Scotch® Tape 2234 provides a cost effective and efficient means of covering and protecting damaged sections of cable jacket, thereby extending the life of the cable and reducing down time. The outer layer of the tape is composed of vulcanised CSM rubber to provide outstanding chemical and environmental resistance. The inner layer is composed of flame retardant mastic and acts as a moisture barrier which provides excellent adhesion to a variety of jacket materials.


  • Jacket repair on electrical cables in extremely harsh environments
Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

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