LG-BBLV LV Bus Bar Insulation Tubing

Special Features

  • Medium-wall tubing for the insulation up to 1kV.
  • It provides protection against flashover by an accidental busbar bridging.
  • It has excellent heat emission.
  • It has excellent UV and weather resistance.
  • It has excellent flame retardance and insulation.
  • It has an outstanding shelf life at 50˚C without any deterioration in performance.


  • Suitable for both exposed and enclosed busbars.
  • Suitable for connection among switchgears, motor control centers and other electrical equipments.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.


  • Qualification report for BBLV
LG-BBLV  LV Bus Bar Insulation Tubing

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Refer Catalogue Page: 140 - 141

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