Ice Killer

Cut and install self-regulating cable kit, complete with connection side and termination kit.

The Ice Killer kit is composed of a 30m self-regulating cable coil, complete with connection side and termination accessories. The cable can be cut to the desired length, installed on a pipe or tank, connected to the mains and terminated at the opposite end.

The economic and compact Ice Killer kit is sold in an attractive, easy to carry, easy to handle onsite package, is small in size, very flexible and can be easily adapted to bends in piping.

The Ice Killer cable can be laid linearly or wound in piping, depending on the specific necessary power. It is then fastened to the same by means of inextensible tape (Raytech MCA-FV or MCA-ALL75 type tapes), terminated with accessories contained in the kit and then clad with the insulation. Operating temperature is reached very quickly and is maintained almost constant even with room temperature variations.

Ice Killer 2

  • Specific power at 10°C - 10W/m
  • 30m cable

Ice Killer 6

  • Specific power at 10°C - 18W/m
  • 30m cable

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage: 230V
  • Minimum installation temperature: -30°C
  • Cable dimensions: 7.7 x 5.3mm
  • Maximum temperature with powered cable: 65°C
  • Maximum exposure temperature with non-powered cable: 65°C
Ice Killer

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