OHHW Heavy Wall Adhesive Lined Flame Retardant Heatshrink Tubing (LS-PHWT-FR)

OHHW Flame-Retardant Adhesive-Lined Heavy Wall Polyolefin Tubing (LS-PHWT-FR)

Special Features

  • Its high performance adhesive provides an absolute waterproof encapsulation.
  • It provides excellent mechanical protection and insulation.


  • Designed for the insulation and encapsulation of wire splicing, electrical connection, jacket repair, and termination.
  • Suitable for submergible or direct buried installation.

Key Specifications

  • Operating temperature range : -55˚C ~ 135˚C
  • Flammability : VTFT (IEEE 383)
  • Minimum shrink temperature : 120˚C
  • Shrink ratio : 67% or more in radial direction, 3:1
  • Available in 1.2m and 300mm lengths

AMS-DTL/15 (up to size 51)
ABS Certificate No. 06-BK 155018
UL 224(File No. : E84393 600V, 125˚C, except clear products)

OHHW Tubing is also available in 300mm lengths on request - please contact OHUG for codes & pricing.

Old Code: PHWT-FR / PHWT FR / MPS 20
Please note that while the codes may have changed, the high quality of OHUG's products stay the same.

OHHW Heavy Wall Adhesive Lined Flame Retardant Heatshrink Tubing (LS-PHWT-FR)

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Refer Catalogue Page: 132 - 133

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