OHWS Heatshrink Wrap Around Zip Sleeves

Product Features

  • Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeve is a cross linked polyolefin 'tube' which is folded around the cable/pipe, zipped up with a stainless steel channel and then heat shrunk.
  • System shut down not required for repair.
  • Hot melt adhesive provides complete environmental sealing and insulation according to IP 68 (Ingress Protection).
  • High resistance to UV rays, chemicals, corrosion, fungus, etc.
  • Available in 300mm and 1500mm sizes, alternative sizing may be available upon request.

Old Code: OHWS / OHWS3
Please note that while the codes may have changed, the high quality of OHUG's products stay the same.

OHWS Heatshrink Wrap Around Zip Sleeves

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Refer Catalogue Page: 136

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