OHTW Thin Wall Heatshrink Tubing - Black (GSHS-1635F)

OHTW Flexible Polyolefin Thin Wall Heatshrink Tubing - Black (GSHS-1635F)


  • Suitable for various electric insulation, strain relief, and bonding of cables and connectors and widely applied for interconnection or termination.
  • Light-duty harnessing, jacketing, bundling, and color coding of electric wires.

Key Specifications

  • Excellent flame retardance, flexibility, and insulation
  • Operating temperature range : -55˚C ~ 135˚C
  • Flammability : UL VW-1, -F- mark (except clear products)
  • Minimum shrink temperature : 90˚C
  • Shrink ratio : 50% or more in radial direction, 2:1
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Stable

UL 224 (File No. E84393 : VW-1, 600V, 125˚C, except clear products)
AMS-DTL/5 : 600V, 135˚C, Class 1 or Class 3, Class 2 (clear products only)

Old Code: GSHS-1635F / GSHS 1635F
Please note that while the codes may have changed, the high quality of OHUG's products stay the same.

Please note: all Thin Wall Heatshrink up to 25mm / 1" supplies in Multiple Order Quantities (packs) of 5 lengths.

OHTW Thin Wall Heatshrink Tubing - Black (GSHS-1635F)

POA / Pack of 5

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