AE6200 FSI Insulated Wire Stripper

APPLICATION RANGE: Rigid Single Pole 10mm², Flexible Single Pole 2.5 / 4 / 6mm²

Technical Characteristics:

  • 20mm Stripping depth
  • Blade built into the tool
  • The tool can be used with one hand only, and allows easy stripping of cables up to 20mm in length
  • The tool is provided with two hand-guards. Central handling permits all stripping operations
  • Blades are located in such a position to prevent accidental contact with worker’s hands during the stripping operations
  • Blades are housed into the tool in such a way to assure the clean stripping of the insulation
  • Easy handling through preadjusted stripping size
  • Suitable to work on live parts (1000V)
  • Designed to work in limited space

Weight & Dimensions: 175 x 65 x 50mm / 150 g

AE6200 FSI Insulated Wire Stripper

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Refer Catalogue Page: 313

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