NOJA Power Hosts Book Launch in Memory of Jacqui O

20th Oct 2021

Forming part of NOJA Power’s ongoing commitment to health, wellbeing and supporting charities, NOJA Power Murarrie’s headquarters hosted the book launch of “Jacqui O’s Home Cooking”, with donations from the event going to Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Research.

Jacqui O’s Home Cooking” is a tribute cookbook, paying homage to the life and times of Jacqui O’Sullivan, NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan’s mother. This compilation is drawn from Jacqui O’s own handwritten recipes, capturing the very essence of classic Australian cuisine.

Pictured: Launch Event of Jacqui O’s Home Cooking, NOJA Power Warehouse in Brisbane Australia © NOJA Power 2021

Neil O’Sullivan said, “Jacqui O was a typical 1960s Australian housewife who cooked every day for her family of 6. She would serve a protein, meat, chicken or fish, with 3 vegetables and a fabulous dessert every night.”

“Ingredients were typically purchased fresh every day from a horse and cart grocer that came up the street, or local grocery stores as well as growing some of the vegetables herself. This book was published by her children and their partners in her honour and is a great representation of home cooking from a bygone era. We hope you enjoy cooking and experimenting with the recipes as much as Jacqui O herself did.”

“Thank you to the contributors to the Jacqui O Cookbook : Quynh Anh Le, Linda Porter, John O’Sullivan, Jody O’Sullivan, Gayle Pattinson and Nigel Pattinson.”

“Thank you to our Sommelier Megan Nunn, Chef Americo Fernandes, Photographer Gabriel Viet, Artist Phil Farley and Typist Nancy Holdsworth.”

“Thank you to In House Publishing for making the Jacqui O Cookbook dream a reality,” says Neil O’Sullivan.

“Thank you to the Baking Bunch for catering the launch event using recipes from the Jacqui O Cookbook including the Boiled Fruit Cake ( Neil’s favourite ) and the Love Dells.”

“Thank you to Megan Nunn for organising the Pink Breast Cancer Lunch at the NOJA Power Murarrie Manufacturing Campus for the 300 staff and guests who attended.”

Developed over the last 5 years, Jacqui O’s children and their partners cooked and photographed all her recipes to compile the cookbook. They hosted cooking parties on a regular basis, and all prepared several dishes in advance to be professionally photographed.

Pictured: The Team of Contributors to the Jacqui O’s Cookbook © NOJA Power 2021

Published in Australia by Neil O’Sullivan and In House Publishing, any profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Breast Cancer research.

Cover: Jacqui O’s Home Cooking, by Neil O’Sullivan

The embossed hardcover version of the cookbook is available from Inhouse Publishing here, and the book is also available in Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Article originally published by NOJA Power.