ELLIS Focuses On Non-Metallic Market With SOLUS Launch

1st Jul 2021

Ellis Patents has boosted the strength of its product offering with the launch of Solus - a range of non-metallic single cable clamps suitable for cables from Ø25 to Ø75mm.

Designed, developed and manufactured at Ellis’ North Yorkshire headquarters, Solus is made from a high strength glass-filled nylon and joins Trident - a trefoil clamp - as part of its expanding non-metallic product range.

Danny Macfarlane, managing director of Ellis, said: "Non-metallic cable cleats have been very popular in mainland Europe for many years, and their use is now growing swiftly in the UK and many of the export markets we operate in around the world."

"Their benefits are numerous but key is the fact that they have extremely long lifespans meaning they can be used practically anywhere, including in extremely harsh environments."

The reason for Solus’ extremely long lifespan is that the glass filled nylon material used is a high-grade engineering polymer.

The new range is also fully stackable, meaning additions to cable runs can be made without having to disturb any cables already installed. Solus also features different mounting options that enhance its installation versatility; and because the product can accommodate a wide cable range, customers can stock small numbers of units to cover a wide range of cable sizes.

"Innovation is very much at the heart of everything we do, and Solus is the latest in a long line of new and improved products to have come out the Ellis Patents Innovation Hub here in Rillington," added Danny.

Key to Ellis’ ability to innovate is its ability to take products from initial ideas through to IEC61914:2015 compliant products; with its in-house Innovation Hub incorporating 3D printers, FEA analysis and a fully equipped testing laboratory.

For further information on Ellis Patents and their products, visit our Cable Clamps & Cleats page, or contact us at OHUG Power Equipment - your local ELLIS distributor. See more details on SOLUS here!