Destroyed OSM Recloser Installation Rebuilt in Ukraine

18th Aug 2022

Pictured: the OSM Recloser and RC-10 Recloser Controller destroyed by shelling from the Russo-Ukrainian War © NOJA Power / Recloser LLC 2022

Following the destruction of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser installation in northern Ukraine, local utility Chernihivoblenergo JSC confirmed a replacement OSM Recloser unit has been installed and commissioned to restore power reliability to the region.

The original installation was obliterated in shelling during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

NOJA Power’s distributor in the Ukraine, Recloser LLC, has continued their support of Ukrainian utilities rebuilding infrastructure in the wake of the invasion.

Staff from Recloser LLC attended onsite to support commissioning of the new OSM Recloser.

"NOJA Power was very pleased to support all of our customers in Ukraine to help with the rebuilding effort, as well as to restore and maintain a reliable power supply for Ukraine,"

- says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

Serhii Yurchenkov, head of the distribution network service of Chernihivoblenergo JSC, was asked why the Australian-made NOJA Power OSM Recloser had been selected. Serhii said,

"It has higher reliability, better manufacturing quality, foreign made vacuum interrupters. Huge thanks to our partners who provided this recloser free of charge, as well as for the support in its installation.

Hopefully the time will come when we will once again return to our ambitious plans and update the society’s networks with such equipment much more often."

All pictures to follow are © NOJA Power / Chernihivoblenergo JSC / Recloser LLC 2022.

Damaged OSM Recloser installation in Chernigiv, Ukraine

Destroyed NOJA Power RC-10 Recloser Controller in Chernigiv, Ukraine

Replacement of NOJA Power OSM Recloser System, and new concrete pole installed

Group Photo of installation team and their new OSM Recloser installation

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Article originally published by NOJA Power.