OHUG to distribute Kaon Electric FUSESAVER

18 April 2011

Media Release

OHUG Power Equipment is delighted to announce an exclusive distributorship for Kaon Electric FuseSaver product in New Zealand.

According to OHUG General Manager, Steve Rigby, the key principle behind Kaon’s FuseSaver development was to provide power distributors with a cost effective solution for reducing the impact of transient faults on spur lines. “Since by far the majority of blown fuses are due to transient faults, FuseSaver is a ‘smart’ new switching device for lines companies keen to minimise SAIDI minutes on the more remote parts of their networks, as well as their urban areas. It’s a self‐ powered, single‐phase fault interrupter which is electronically controlled and works in series with a fuse to protect spur lines from transient, as well as permanent faults”, he said.

According to Rigby, FuseSaver is capable of detecting, opening and clearing a fault in a half cycle, which in most cases is less time than it takes for a fuse to melt.

FuseSaver’s main benefits are:

  • Transient faults do not cause upstream protection to operate
  • Transient faults do not cause the fuse to blow
  • Improves SAIDI and SAIFI for the utility
  • It is self‐powered and self‐resetting
  • Simple line installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance free
  • Event log to record line faults and lost customer minutes
  • Wireless communications connectivity

The product is available ex stock from OHUG in 12kV and 24kV ratings and both have 4kA interruption rating.

Kaon Electric is based in Loganholme, about 40 minutes south of Brisbane, Australia. The Company operates from new headquarters which house its head office, research and development centre, testing facility, air conditioned production environment and distribution warehouse.

Following the signing of the distribution agreement, OHUG and Kaon Electric representatives conducted a whirlwind three‐day trip across the North Island, presenting the new FuseSaver product to a number of lines companies.

For a detailed product brochure, more information about FuseSaver product application and pricing, contact Steve Rigby, OHUG Power Equipment Ltd. Ph: 0800 GET OHUG (0800 438 648). END.

Contact: Steve Rigby, General Manager, OHUG Power Equipment Ltd. Ph: 09 239 2186

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Pic: OHUG’s Steve Rigby (left) with Kaon Electric Managing Director, Brett Watson

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