OHUG Power Equipment Ltd (OHUG) was established in 2007 to provide the Australasian electrical industry with a supplier of high quality, overhead and underground electrical products.

OHUG is headquartered in Pukekohe, South Auckland, where its key distribution warehouse facility is also conveniently located, in premises that can accommodate the Company’s planned growth, into new product areas.

The Company’s two Directors, Steve Rigby and Nan Russell, have worked almost their entire careers (spanning more than 40 years, combined) in New Zealand’s Electrical Industry, in various capacities. The ‘birth’ of OHUG came about because they saw a real need for competition in a market that has seen little, or none, in the last 40 years. They also shared a passionate desire to run a business that reflected the values and integrity they hold dear. Nan and Steve wanted to set up a business where their word was as good as a contract and where they could leverage the individual strengths they each brought to the industry.

Underpinning all of this
was a commitment to
lead by example.


The business began with a strategic session where the Key Governing Principles of OHUG were outlined. These are:

We will act with honesty and integrity in all we do, telling the truth, taking the moral high ground and behaving above reproach in all our actions.

We will behave like the long term, multi-million dollar company we are destined to be.

We will not compromise our brand, our ideals, or our reputation. We will always act in a way that we may stand proud of our accomplishments individually and as OHUG.

The Company accesses the world’s leading heat shrink and low and medium voltage jointing and termination products, including all molded parts and cold apply termination and joint brands. In addition, OHUG offers overhead switchgear and a comprehensive electrical products range for overhead distribution networks.

OHUG is very focussed on its core business and at the same time realistic about the market it operates in. Key to its success is not trying to be all things to all people. OHUG sticks to what it knows it can do well and is dedicated to promoting and supporting its agencies’ products throughout New Zealand and Australia.